Today on Cluster 1: News, J Mascis, Scattered Trees, Jeniferever, ASKA, & more! (4/6)

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    Cluster 1 News with Sami Jarroush – Updates on TV On The Radio, Incubus, Death Cab for Cutie, & Kings of Leon.

    Music Videos:

    J Mascis – “Not Enough” – Enjoy the ’70s-esque animation that awaits you. Your heart will thank you.

    Jeniferever – “The Beat of Our Own Blood” – It’s safe to refer to this as an “epic.” Swedish group Jeniferever’s video includes a chilling animation that follows a WWII Prison Camp survivor fleeing to save his life. As German soldiers chase him, and strangers help, the music along with the images of past and present Europe give us a chilling story of the harsh reality in the 1940s.

    Francois Peglau – “We Know We Won’t Make It” – A Cluster 1 Premier! As Francois Peglau’s video plays on a creepy Peruvian TV station, his number one fan must listen from the other room as she continues to do chores around her house.

    ASKA – “I’m a Hunter” – The darkest cult ever admits their newest member, complete with their bizarre rituals and creepy set of rules.

    Short Films:

    Sorry I’m Late – A very surreal, stop motion short about just trying to get where you need to be! Fantastic imagery awaits you.


    Some of you may have read about our video contest. Four students from four schools in the NYC area have been selected to make the next music video for the Chicago band, Scattered Trees. Here are the contestants: Markus Kneer, Evan Cohen, Jack Thornton, Chris Daker Now, go and vote!


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