Today on Cluster 1: GDP, Daedelus, the Luyas, new Freeebird, and more! (4/13)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

    Music Videos:

    Dark Dark Dark – “Wild Go” – Fog swirls amongst South African mountains and some ghostly ballerinas. Creeped out yet?

    GDP – “Neural Circuitry” – The only things that make a good party are drugs and alcohol. The only things that ruin a good party are drugs and alcohol.

    Daedelus ft. Young Dad – “One and Lonely (Lost Remix)” – The Victorian seance performed by Daedelus gets updated….now televisions are present, making it a bit more modern.


    When Saints Go Machine – “Add Ends” – In this fantasy-music video, an old man receives a magic staff that heals with the simplest touch. Wouldn’t we all like one of those?

    The Luyas – “Too Beautiful to Work” – Some of the most simplistic things are genuinely beautiful. In the case of the new Luyas video, light is an amazing thing we take for granted.


    FREEEBIRD #44 – Running Up on Ceschi Ramos – This week, join rapper bleubird as he sits down to chat with Fake Four Label starter Ceschi Ramos. Bleubird commented on the episode by saying, “I learned that Ceschi was going to be playing in Newmarket which was only slightly out of my way. The only logical decision was to go surprise him. I believe his first words when he pulled up to the Stone Church and saw the freeebird parked in the dirt lot were “NO WAY”. Then after a hug he told me, ‘You know you’re playing too right?'”

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