Today on Cluster 1: Smith Westerns, Tennis, The Decemberists, 35 mm, and much, much more! (4/8)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


35 mm – An animated montage that depicts 35 classic movies in just one minute!

Short Film/Documentary:

Smith Westerns: Die With Your Chin Up – A snapshot of a band on the brink of something big.

Freeebird #43: On the Stoop with Evil Dee Part 1 – Ladies and gentlemen, bleubird is back! This time we join him as he kicks it in New York and has a candid chat with Evil Dee about DJing, production, and the game of music in general. Bleubird discusses the matter a bit; “Nobs met him through digging and trading vinyl in NY, told him about Freeebird and asked if he would be into an interview, he regaled us with so many stories I had to break it into two pieces

Music Videos:

Tennis – “Take Me Somewhere” – It seems like Tennis is always trying to whisk you away to elsewhere with their peaceful brand of music. In this case, they bring you to a family boat vacation in Chesapeake Bay to make all your troubles melt away.

The Decemberists – “Why We Fight Teaser” – A Cluster 1 premiere! Since albums and movies get teasers these days, why can’t a music video? The Decemberists have teamed up with Aaron Steward-Ahn again to bring forth the next video from their chart-topping album, The King is Dead.

Colourmusic – “You For Leaving Me” – Hands down the craziest video you’ve seen in ages. No lie. If you’re partial to your stuffed animals, though, beware.

Filligar – “Robbery (Shocking Love)” – The Chicago rockers file into their van on a cold winter day, while they also rock out in the studio, shredding their song in its most bluesy and intense form.

Filligar – “Not Gonna Settle” – Sometimes, studio performance videos can be a total bore, but Filligar continues to keep it interesting. With odd angles, and an energetic performance, they clearly have no problem keeping their audiences entertained. Maybe you should see ’em live? Yes.

Jail Weddings – “Tough Love” – A Cluster 1 premiere! Nothing like watching singer Jada Wagensomer enter a boxing match only to pulverize her opponent’s face.

Nobody Beats the Drum – “Grindin’” – Rogier Van der Zwagg, chief member of Nobody Beats the Drum, tries to beat another warped form of Tetris, by lining up as many rectangle pattern combos as humanly possible.

Lovett – “The Fear” – It took 400 citizens of Atlanta to make this portrait on modern society to happen.

Mystery Jets – “Show Me the Light” – Watch as individuals take a shot at the dreaded balance beam.

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