Today on Cluster 1: Titus Andronicus, The Donkeys, Peter Bjorn and John, and more (4/29)

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    I Am a Bear, Etc. - An animated video interpretation of comedian Mike Birbiglia’s “I’m a Bear” skit.


    The Archive What if you owned the world’s largest record collection, but had to let it go? This revealing documentary depicts a man who devoted his entire life to his love of music, the store that allowed him to share his love with others, and the sacrifices he makes to press onward in life.

    Peter, Bjorn and John: Digging DeeperDirectors Jamie Margolin and Dezi Catarino follow the group on the first few shows of their tour, as we learn the secrets and methods they used to construct their most recent “back-to-basics” album.

    Music Videos:


    Holy Ghost! – “Wait and See” - A day in the life of the band…as portrayed by their fathers.

    Titus Andronicus – “No Future Part 3: Escape From No Future” - New Jersey is not just all about your Snookis and JWowws. Titus Andronicus shows us what the real New Jersey is like in this fantastically shot video. A special someone introduces the video, too.

    The Donkeys – “Don’t Know Who We Are” - This video goes on to prove piñatas come in far too many shapes and sizes.



    Cluster 1 News with Sami Jarroush - Updates on the Lollapalooza festival, Kanrocksas festival, Ottawa Bluesfest and Quebec City summer festival.

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