Watch: Tom Vek – “A Chore”


There’s no better time for a Tom Vek resurgence. With LCD Soundsystem having ridden off into the sunset earlier this month, the dance-punk scene needs some support before Murphy’s retirement event is erroneously logged as “the end of an era”. Vek’s debut album, 2005’s We Have Sound, may not have seen as many rotations as its indie-electro counterparts at the time, but Vek’s imprint on the scene is nonetheless memorable, if not brief.

Back to double his catalogue from out of a six year break comes Vek’s second album Leisure Seizure, which is set for release 7th via Downtown/Coop USA/Island Records. Check out the artwork above, the tracklist below, and the video for the first single “A Chore”, where Vek selects a beautiful, listless blonde to perform the song in his version of a retro talk show, “Tom Vek’s Island.” You are so welcomed back, sir.

For those in the UK, you can download the single on iTunes, or pre-order the album on Check back for details on a US release.

Leisure Seizure tracklist:
01. Hold Your Hand
02. Aroused
03. A Chore
04. We Do Nothing
05. World of Doubt
06. Seizemic
07. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
08. Someone Loves You
09. Close Mic’ed
10. On A Plate
11. You Need to Work Your Heart Out
12. Too Bad