Album Review: Cheeseburger – Another Big Night Down the Drain




The best way to experience Cheeseburger‘s sophomore effort, Another Big Night Down the Drain, is to turn your speakers up full throttle and just let the Brooklyn sextet take you for a ride. Beware, though, it’s pretty powerful stuff. Not in the “heart moving” way, but more like in the “Hey, let’s go drive through our neighbors’ lawns”-sort of way. In sum, you could do some damage with it, and if nothing else, it’ll likely drive your neighbors or parents nuts. No lie, when turned to maximum, this rock could rattle pictures off of your walls. It’s just a rare sort of power that’s impossible to ignore; sort of like driving by a car crash. It’s not well written. The AC/DC power riffs on “Winner” may ring nostalgic, but the lyrics sound like they were co-written by Charlie Sheen. (What do you expect from a band whose claim to fame is an Adult Swim theme song? Give ’em a break.) Bottom line? The indie crowd will hate this album, but those who have missed just a pure rock party album, your prayers are answered.

From the opening (and aptly titled) track “Party Song”, the band makes it obvious that there’s no real lyrical emphasis on this album. Most of the tracks involve anthems about drinking, staying up late, and countless tales of women. Tough life, huh? Yet although the subject matter can grow tiresome, the album never leaves you bored. Blame it on the band’s affable hard rock attitude, but it’s somewhat difficult to click ’em off.

Perhaps it’s just the lack of balls-to-the-wall rock ‘n’ roll these days. You hardly see acts like this. In the ’80s? They were everywhere; playing after class in every American high school’s parking lot. Today? They’re only found at county fairs, where aging rockers wave at equally aging fans. Given their nonsensical outlook, it’s doubtful Cheeseburger aims to change this, but they’re doing a decent job. With songs like “Big Night”, “Tight Jeans”, or “Deep in the Cups”, it’s obvious these guys just want to pummel at their guitars with no regard to how it sounds, just as long as it’s loud and raucous. It’s actually sort of a miracle how lead vocalist Joe Bradley can make it through a live show.

These guys seem like they just want to make music and they don’t care how good it is, as long as it’s loud. Well, whether they meant too or not, they created a truly great party album. How Joe Bradley’s vocals keep up during a live show is almost a miracle. He produces this unique sound that just adds to the tremendous thunder of a band; it’s a can’t miss.

Another Big Night Down the Drain is one that will turn plenty of heads in the hard rock world. It may not be a top seller commercially, but those who hear it, will certainly go see this band when they come to town, and that’s gonna be one hell of a night. Just bring those tight pants.