Album Review: Colourmusic – My ____ Is Pink

If you’ve seen the batshit crazy music videos Colourmusic has put out lately, then you already know that the messy, perplexing vibes are actually great descriptions of the music itself, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Labeling the group’s latest effort, My ___ Is Pink,  is a pointless effort as there are doses of garage-rock, pop, and even metal, or simply put: schizophrenia in album-form.

Opening track “Beard” begins with church bells chiming to a space warble that belongs in the Twilight Zone before cymbal-heavy drumming crashes into the picture. The eerie vocals provided by Ryan Hendrix sound reminiscent of the serpent coaxing you to taste the fruit. The album’s first single “Tog” has a wicked and catchy, deep drum beat that slows down the pace, but turns up the jamming. At only 1:45 long, “Jack & Jill (A Duet)” summarizes Colourmusic in a nutshell quite nicely: disorienting guitars, nasty (in a good way) bass, and spastic animal-like drum beats.

An epic, 10-minute jam with minimal vocals, “The Little Death (In Five Parts)” is  one of the album’s highlights: echoing guitar plucks, a grungy synth beat, and dissonant piercing sounds, all scratching at your ears in the nicest way possible. The bass throughout the record provides some awesome low-end, dirty noise. On the uplifting “Yes!” Hendrix begins waxing philosophical: “Everything I am/Is everything I d /Everything I love/Is everything I am.” The tune’s fuzzed-out guitars work great with the marching of the drums that really turn the song into a fun, loving anthem.

Opting to not make the same record twice, Colourmusic’s latest is not an evolution of their sound, but rather a reinvention. The gamble was worth it as they have improved as artists and presented an album where you never know what will come next.


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