Audiography: Episode 008: “A Conversation with David Hood, part 4″


In this edition of Audiography, I continue my conversation with David Hood.

When head of Island Records Chris Blackwell wanted to record at Muscle Shoals, he did not let a little hassle like work permits get in the way. In this episode, David Hood talks about Blackwell trying to break Jimmy Cliff in the States by turning him into a soul singer, as well as the back-door sessions that aimed to get around the legalities of recording Cliff (from Jamaica) and Traffic (from the UK). Hood also discusses how recording with Traffic in the studio led to the band going on the road in support of Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.

When the Rolling Stones began working on Sticky Fingers, the band chose to record some of the album at Muscle Shoals Sound. Working on three tracks after hours, members of Muscle Shoals Sound, Jimmy Johnson in particular, recorded and produced the Rolling Stones on “You Gotta Move”, “Brown Sugar”, and “Wild Horses”. Hood discusses the late night sessions as well as the filming of the band’s documentary, Gimme Shelter, and the sketchy plane that half the band flew in on.

We also discuss working with James Brown (or not working with James Brown, depending on your point of view). The sessions with Brown were strictly overdub sessions, and the members of Muscle Shoals Sound never saw or met the Godfather of Soul while working on his material.

Featured Music:
01. Jimmy Cliff – “Sitting In Limbo”
02. Traffic – “Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory”
03. The Rolling Stones – “You Gotta Move”
04. James Brown – “It’s Too Funky In Here”

Audiography Episode 008 – “A Conversation with David Hood, part 4″
Written and Produced by Len Comaratta


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