Smashing Pumpkins release “Owata”

“Night, night, what a beautiful night,” Billy Corgan laments on “Owata”, another track to be roped into his Pumpkins‘ colossal 44-track effort, Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. This marks the 10th inclusion and based just on production alone it’s safe to say this is getting a tad stale. What used to be a stripped down, acoustic driver – this song dates back to 2008 when the band still featured Jimmy Chamberlin – now remains an overly glossy spectacle, packed with unnecessary synths and chords that sound far too polished and clean. Towards the end, Corgan announces his return to Chicago; however, on this cut, it’s hard to believe him. He sounds straight out of a Los Angeles studio; the third-party melodies gunning for pop stardom. Gimme a break. What happened to this song? This band?

On the plus side, his past few new tunes haven’t been too bad, and there’s always the reissues down the road. As he vlogged last week via Facebook, the band plans to take a break following this song, focusing on the recording of the “album within an album” that is Oceania. If this is any indication of where they’re going, please bring us back to land now.

Check out the track over at LA Weekly.


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