Cluster 1 HANGOUT: PS I Love You

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    Hailing from Kingston, ON, PS I Love You have been on the come-up ever since releasing their incredible debut album, Meet Me At The Muster Station, last October. Vocalist/guitarist Paul Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson met up with Sami Jarroush in a local New York City record store to discuss anything and everything, from Saulnier’s newly-purchased PF Flyers to Nelson’s love of all things George Michael. No official website, but you can check out PS I Love You over at the Paper Bag Records artist page. And they also let loose a little tidbit about their next album. Fodder for a future HANGOUT, perhaps?

    -Megan Caffery

    Consequence of Sound

    Directed by: Sami Jarroush
    Edited by: Colin Peterson
    Animation by: Laurence Honderick

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