Kathleen Hanna & Peaches team up with Ad Rock on Runaways tribute


The Beastie Boys are experiencing something of a resurgence right now, so it makes sense that Ad-Rock would lend the talents of both himself and his wife – ex Bikini Kill and Le Tigre frontwoman, Kathleen Hanna – to help pay tribute to another group cut from the old-school, pioneering cloth – The Runaways. That’s right, TwentyFourBit points out that Hanna and her husband have teamed up with electro synth-punk, Peaches, to cover “Dead End Justice”, which is the closing track of The Runaways’ 1976 debut LP.

The updated version features production credits from the 44-year-old Beastie Boy and is the last track on disc two of Take It Or Leave It: A Tribute To the Queens of Noise, which is being released by Main Man Records on June 28th. The compilation boasts more than two hours worth of music and also features contributions from the likes of The Dandy Warhols (who get to cover cover “Cherry Bomb”) and The Donnas (who take on “Queen of Noise”). There are 36 cuts in all and Main Man Records says the discs will be interspersed with interview clips of The Runaways, mock radio advertisements, and comments from the one and only Johnny Ramone. Runaways frontwoman Cherie Currie also makes an appearance on the disc, taking on “American Nights” with Frankenstein 3000.

Proceeds from the sales of the album will be donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of The Runaway’s Sandy West, who succumbed to the disease in 2006. West’s last recording ever – “Dirty Magazines” by her last band, Blue Fox – closes out the second disc. The updated version of “Dead End Justice” hasn’t leaked yet, but the original is available for aural inspection below. A complete tracklist is posted beneath that, and pre-orders for Take It Or Leave It are happening here. The album’s artwork can be seen above.

Take It Or Leave It: A Tribute To the Queens of Noise Tracklist:
Disc One
01. The Donnas – “Queens of Noise”
02. Shonen Knife – “Black Leather”
03. The Binges – “I Love Playing With Fire”
04. Bebe Buell Band – “Heartbeat”
05. Deena & The Laughing Boys – “Lovers”
06. Frankenstein 3000 – “California Paradise”
07. Delrium Tremens – “Wasted”
08. Richie Scarlet – “Wild Thing”
09. Blue Fox – “Neon Angels On the Road to Ruin”
10. The Easy Outs – “Is It Day Or Night” (feat. Gar Francis)
11. Laura Warshauer – “Little Lost Girls”
12. White Flag – “C’mon”
13. Cali Giraffes – “You’re Too Possesive”
14. Tara Elliot & The Red Velvets – “You Drive Me Wild”
15. Planet Sorrow – “Thunder”
16. Robbie Rist – “Yesterday’s Kids”
17. Serpenteens – “Little Sister”
18. Adolescents – “School Days”
19. Blue Fox – “Dirty Magazines” (feat. Sandy West)
Disc Two

01. The Dandy Warhols – “Cherry Bomb”
02. Richard Barone – “Hollywood”
03. Care Bears On Fire – “Saturday Night Special” (feat. Earl Slick)
04. Derwood Andrews – “Gotta Get Out Tonight”
05. David Johansen – “Blackmail”
06. The Ribeye Brothers – “Trash Can Murders”
07. Digger Phelps – “Rock & Roll”
08. Toilet Boys – “Born To Be Bad”
09. The Swales – “Midnight Music”
10. Frankenstein 3000 – “American Nights” (feat. Cherie Currie)
11. F-13 – “I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are”
12. The Stay At Homes – “Getting’ Hot”
13. Kittie – “Fantasies”
14. Starz – “Waitin’ For The Night”
15. Jack Brag – “Secrets”
16. Clinical Trials – “Don’t Go Away”
17. Kathleen Hanna & Peaches – “Dead End Justice” (Produced by Ad-Rock)