mp3 Mixtape: Friday Mixtape CXLIX

I’ve gone the entire week without making one joke about the Rapture. In fact, all the Twitter schtick about it kind of makes me miss Charlie Sheen. But by the .0001% chance that dude got it right the second go-around and these are indeed our final moments on Earth, enjoy this week’s Friday Mixtape. After all, nothing says judgment day like the sweet sounds of Bon Iver, Moonface, and Fucked Up. Plus, we’ve packed in a load of fresh remixes and covers, the latter of which comes compliments of our friends at Cover Me. Scroll even further down the page and you’ll also find mp3s from up and comers you just might want to check out. So enjoy… and we’ll see you on the other side!

COVER Me Songs:

Remixes GALORE:

Something to CHECK OUT:

mp3 support via BrooklynVegan, Cover Me, My Old Kentucky Blog, Pitchfork, Spinner, and Stereogum


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