Today on Cluster 1: David Lynch, PS I Love You, Earl Sweatshirt, and more! (5/6)

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    PS I Love You – The lovable Canucks kick off Cluster 1’s new series, HANGOUT! Recently, vocalist/guitarist Paul Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson met up with Sami Jarroush in a local New York City record store to discuss anything and everything, from Saulnier’s newly-purchased PF Flyers to Nelson’s love of all things George Michael.

    Eschie – Originally from New York City, Eschie is all about bringing the sensibility of the “golden age” of hip-hop back to modern day as an advocate of heavy boom bap beats and lush bass grooves. Laid-back dude with an ear for what’s hot and on the up-and-up.

    Music Videos:

    Wiley – “Numbers in Action” – We saw directing team Us, with their video for “Trumpalump”, but for “Numbers in Action”, they get more mathematical. The subject of this video? Diagrams! Brings me back to algebra.


    Dengue Fever – “Cement Slippers” – This LA sextet’s new single harkens back to a time when polyester was the fabric of choice and tiki culture ruled the world. Throw in some go-go dancing and a sunny day at the beach and that’s one hell of a kitschy party coming out of your speakers.

    Dinner at the Thompson’s – “Running” – While members of the band pose as Bonnie and Clyde, they have something the actual couple never had: the power of animation!

    Vandaveer – “Dig Down Deep” – These guys dig wintertime (unlike most people), so much that they start a parade in the frozen north.

    Dels – “Trumpalump” – Two alternate realities, paired up side by side. One is colorful, and the other is grayscale. Which would you want to live in?

    RX Bandits – “Hope is a Butterfly, No Net its Captor” – With the RX Bandits split underway, it’s good to see them with a radical song and video again. This time, they have gone from robbing pharmacies to robbing people at gunpoint (with cardboard guns) in the name of multi-colored geometric shapes.


    David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee – Filmmaker David Lynch discusses his coffee brand with…a Barbie doll. It’ll make you feel warm, fuzzy, and intensely creeped out. Actually, you’ll probably just laugh a lot. We did.


    Earl Sweatshirt x T.O.B. Movement – “EARL (Evil Mix)” – To promote the new Earl and T.O.B. Movement EP, this clip plays music over Grindhouse footage that gives Pulp Fiction a run for it’s money.

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