Today on Cluster 1: Mirah, Danger Beach, Robin Leduc, Fredrick, and Skyence (5/11)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

Music Videos:

Mirah – “The Forest” – Add a sexy/alluring female and some bizarre choreography to the title, and you have this video.

Danger Beach – “Apache” – A turntable style animation displaying some Apaches at work, complete with epic surf-style rock.

Robin Leduc – “Laissez Moi Passer” – Stop motion of skiing in the city streets. Probably the next sports craze in France.

Fredrik – “Chrome Cavities” – Trippy close-ups of hand and face shadows are enough to creep you out through this haunting, yet hard-hitting track.

Bottle Up and Go – “March to the Grave” – Nothing like a huge party to celebrate your demise.

Dinner at Thompson’s – “It All Began” – Continuing from their last video (“Running”), the band stops by at a movie theater to give the audience the odd sensation of watching a picture within a picture.


INSCT by Skyence – Flashing colors, dramatic shape changes, and bizarre ambient music all together really have the ability to cut through your sensory. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

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