Today on Cluster 1: The Laundromat, The Ravenna Colt, Random Axe, and Beat Connection (5/18)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    The Laundromat – Probably the most boring place on Earth, with slim pickings to meet a decent girl…unless you have a gun.

    Music Videos:

    The Ravenna Colt – “If Josie Wails Can Fail” – What starts out as just a few brief stills of a man in a snowy field, turns into a fast-paced, still-frame montage. Things look like they’re moving, but it’s just insane camera magic.

    Random Axe – “The Hex” – Made up of Sean Price, Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson, the three rappers all enter different rooms in a seedy motel. Inside though….they are up to absolutely no good.


    Beat Connection – “In the Water” – Trippy watercolor effects over people splashing about in the ocean. Meanwhile, you get to hear Beat Connection’s young brand of dance-rock, which compliments the psychedelic imagery perfectly.

    FM Belfast – “I Don’t Want to go to Sleep Either” – What started out as a tour diary for their fanbase turned into this music video.

    VITAL – “Saying” – Care to explore space for awhile? Sometimes we all just need to blast off and get away.

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