Today on Cluster 1: Thieves Like Us, Raekwon, Dr. Dre, Ben Sollee, and iLL-Literacy (5/4)

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Thieves Like Us – “Your Love Runs Still” – The title track off the band’s new EP conjures up feelings of nostalgia with it’s cut-and-paste beat, paired up with grainy footage of extreme close-ups, and some very disturbed people.

Music Videos:

iLL-Literacy – “Gentleman’s Kool-Aid” – In this DIY video, iLL-Literacy and Karen Lum put together their own nightclub diorama, complete with loads of action figures. If only this were for school…

Raekwon – “Butter Knives” – As Raekwon’s raps play, we view a chase from the eyes of the chaser. Watch as they run after their enemy through the back alleys and streets of Staten Island….or as the Wu would call it, the Land of Shaolin.

Chris Garneau – “Dirty Night Clowns” – Plenty of things make us get goose bumps in the nighttime,  and that’s exactly what this video depicts; an intruder in a home during the late hours of the evening. Yipes!

Ben Sollee – “Close to You” – Sollee’s love of bicycles is on display in this video, as he sits on an immobile two-wheeler as the scenery behind him still manages to change. Oh, studio magic!

Gold-Bears – “So Natural” – Nature is constantly exploited, yet celebrated by mankind, and this point is illustrated throughout Gold-Bears’ video through cross-cutting clips of nature, and man’s interpretation of nature.


The Soft Moon – “Parallels” – The Room 205 series returns, this time with The Soft Moon playing their track “Parallels”. Don’t expect to see the band though, as they are out of focus, and covered up by 3D maps and light projections.

Another Round:

Dr. Dre – “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” – As Justin Gerber indicates, “In the early ’90s, guitar bands appeared in big-budget videos while rap artists appeared in their homes dressed in jeans and flannels. With few exceptions, the genres have swapped places over the past two decades.” Here’s how things went before the swap meet.

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