Watch: iamamiwhoami – “; john”

Popeye would be proud of Jonna Lee. The early buzz surrounding the Swedish songstress’s early, cryptic videos had folks thinking that the clips might be the work of Fever Ray, Björk, and maybe even Lady Gaga, but after the world found out that it was just another crazy European wearing face paint (see: Jónsi), interest seemed to drop off. Still, Lee – who has dubbed the project –  kept on.

She’s released 15 videos since she first posted “Prelude 699130082.451322-“ on her YouTube channel a year ago, and last Sunday found her posting her first new video in over 6 months.The best part is that the clip actually has something of a title. While previous works have been released with titles like “y”, “u-1”, and “”, the latest offering is simply called “; john”.

The Needle Drop pointed out the video, which clocks in at eight-and-a-half minutes. It is her longest yet, but a quick glimpse of the effort is actually pretty entertaining. It opens with a young man running through a creek and around town presumably searching for something. Lee, for her part, seems to be content performing odd yoga positions and dancing manically on what looks like a bed made of toilet paper. “; john” actually warrants some hip-shaking with it’s deep groove and catchy keyboard riff, and the whole thing can be seen below. More of Lee’s work can be seen here.


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