CoS Audiography: Episode 010: “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 1”


In this edition of Audiography, I begin a conversation with synthpunk pioneer and current 8-bit operator Jeremy Kolosine.

Kolosine began his music career in what was arguably the first synthpunk band in the American South, Futurisk. Over the course of his career, his musical path led him through a variety of bands in the shoegaze and semi-darkwave styles, but regardless of the style of music he was playing, he always managed to work a synth in. His passion for electronics eventually led him to chip music, a style of music based entirely off of 4-bit and 8-bit electronic chips most commonly found in video games such as Atari and Gameboy. In 2007, he produced the 8-Bit Operators’ tribute to Kraftwerk compilation, which featured all chip musicians.

In part one of our discussion, we focus on Kolosine’s beginnings in the 4-bit and 8-bit realm of chip music as well as get a history lesson on a style of music that is evolving at an exponential rate.

For more information on 8-bit and chip music visit and

Jeremy Kolosine’s personal website is

Featured Music:
01. Ksine – “Kill the Fathers”
02. Ksine – “Godrest 4”
03. Receptors – “Disconnected (gameboy_stylovox version)”

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Audiography Episode 010 – An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 1″
Written and Produced by Len Comaratta