Dev Hynes announces new album, Coastal Grooves


Whether he goes by Lightspeed Champion or his most recent moniker Blood Orange, Dev Hynes knows how to blend soft pop and playful charm with his all-out folk jams. His signature puree will make itself heard once again, as Hynes is set to release Blood Orange’s debut full length, Coastal Grooves, on August 8th in the UK and August 30th in the U.S.. Like the rest of his catalog, the album is influenced by his eclectic background as a British Texan who blogs, composes, produces, and can play just about every instrument known to man.

The former Test Icicles frontman took a little time between collaborations with Solange Knowles, Florence And The Machine, and many others to piece together the mixtapes and demos that would eventually make up Coastal Grooves. The album, released through Domino Records, draws inspiration from life as a New Yorker and his nights spent walking around listening to the city at night. The first single, “Sutphin Boulevard”, is a funky, haunting soul session — so sexy that MTV’s Skins used the song in its premiere episode earlier this year. “Sutphin Boulevard” will be released as the lead single on August 1st, but you can stream the track below. The album’s tracklist is posted after that.

Coastal Grooves hits stores August 8th via Domino Records.

Coastal Grooves Tracklist:
01. Forget It
02. Sutphin Boulevard
03. I’m Sorry We Lied
04. Can We Go Inside Now?
05. S’cooled
06. Complete Failure
07. Instantly Blank (The Goodness)
08. The Complete Knock
09. Are You Sure You’re Really Busy?
10. Champagne Coast