Game to feature Tyler, The Creator & Dr. Dre on R.E.D. Album

The notoriously delayed R.E.D. Album, the fourth official release from West Coast hardstyle emcee Game now has gained more evidence of its eventual release. HipHopDX reports that the who’s who of hip will be featured on the forthcoming album: Tyler, The Creator, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Pharell, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz, Drake, and the inimitable Chris Brown all will have their moment with Game.

“I think the people will appreciate the collaborations. Dr. Dre is actually rapping on this album,” Game said. “This is the first album that I’ve ever dropped where I have Dr. Dre’s voice actually on the album…I got a good cast of all-stars.”

Game digressed on the the youngest, most topical guest on the album, OFWGKTA ringleader Tyler, The Creator. “He ain’t really doing features for nobody. He feels like fuck everything and I don’t blame him either,” Game explained. “It’s a California thing, and I got respect for him and his hustle and what they’re doing and just being kids and being rebels for the cause. And he respects me for doing what I did for California and the West Coast, I guess. I met him at a Diddy concert and we chopped it up and we got a song called ‘Martians vs Goblins.’ It’s dope.” Well let’s sure hope so, my dinner’s getting cold.

R.E.D. Album is due out at long last on August 23rd. You can watch the video for the album’s lead single, the Weezy-featuring “Red Nation”, below.


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