Interview: Nerdy Show at E3 with Decendants of Erdrick

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    Did you know CoS was at E3 this year? We sure were!  But hey, most of us aren’t nerdy enough to qualify for that event coverage, so we brought on our homies at Nerdy Show to cover the festivities for us!

    In this clip, Mike and Brandon interview Austin, Texas’ premier video game rock band, Descendants of Erdrick. This five piece are a tour-de-force in the world of shreddin’ renditions of video game classics and are sure to be an ever-growing blip on YOUR nerd music radar. Fun fact: they’re also The Cartridge Family, Brental Floss’ backup band!

    Hear the Nerdy Show crew talk about this and other experiences in their E3 Day 2 Podcast. And check out a full listing of all our joint E3 video pieces here.

    Edited by: Colin Peterson

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