Still Corners announce Sub Pop debut: Creatures of an Hour


Musicians and composers who score films do their best to craft sonic landscapes that give the images on screen the desired tenor. Without them, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly wouldn’t be so epically tense nor Psycho as heart-poundingly terrifying. It’s with that kind of focus on atmosphere that the London foursome of Still Corners approached their Sub Pop debut, Creatures of an Hour.

If their name and album title didn’t already cast dark and misty images, the cinematic focus is made clear with a few words from the band’s orchestrator, Greg Hughes. “There’s just certain things in certain movies,” Hughes says, “like old horror movies and other foreign films, that you see sometimes. They just have a certain vibe and atmosphere. You’ll see a girl walking towards a train. . . There’s a great vibe in that – all these little bits, these tiny moments. That’s what I was trying to go back to. To bottle that up and put it into a song.”

A cinephile at heart, Hughes gathered Leon Dufficy, Luke Jarvis, and the vocal talents of the young Tessa Murray to carry out his vision in the form of Still Corners. The results will be seen when Creatures of an Hour hits shelves and digital retailers on October 11th, but you can get a taste of it for free today.

“Cuckoo”, the lead single to be featured on a 7” of the same name out June 28th (B-sided with “Endless Summer”), is a simple tune with all the ambience Hughes was hoping for. A heartbeat drum and eerie organ carry Murray’s ghostly coo of a singing voice down an ethereal stream of dream-pop beauty.

You can hear and download “Cuckoo” using the widget below, and watch the video by clicking here. Check the complete Creatures of an Hour tracklist further on. You can also see Still Corners stateside when they play DeLuna Fest in October.

Creatures of an Hour Tracklist:
01. Cuckoo
02. Circulars
03. Endless Summer
04. Into the Trees
05. The White Season
06. I Wrote in Blood
07. The Twilight Hour
08. Velveteen
09. Demons
10. Submarine