Today on Cluster 1: Kanye West, Mansions, Panda Bear, Sasquatch!, & more! (6/6)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Mansions – “City Don’t Care” – Haunting. Don’t turn the lights off!

CoS at Sasquatch! Mini-Documentary – Couldn’t make it out to the Gorge last week? We got you covered.


Cluster 1 News Update with Sami Jarroush -  Updates on Coldplay, Beirut, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, St. Vincent,  Adele, Coachella, Moogfest, and Langerado.

Music Videos:

Hella – “Headless” – In this fan-made video, you literally feel strangely uncomfortable watching it. God help us all.

Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn” – Everything you’d expect from one of Animal Collective’s solo endeavors; weird music, with even weirder visuals.

Vast Aire – “Man of Steel” – Seems like a rad party is going on back stage, but it quickly turns into a shady gambling scenario.

Kanye West – “Monster” – Kanye? Looking sharp. Everyone else? Looking like zombies.

Original Series:

No Cover Episode 1: Start Me Up – Our new “dramedy” series starring the Bay Area’s Trevor Marcotte and Kevin Waldvogel depicts the story of Randy and Marshall, two music obsessed buddies with a low budget, but a big appreciation of rocking. Watch as the two try to get their band lifted off the ground….if they don’t kill each other first.

No Cover Episode 2: My Band – In this week’s episode, Randy decks out the garage and plots out the band’s strategy to reaching the top, but Marshall seems to have other plans.

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