Today on Cluster 1: No Cover, Get Up Kids, Justice, Girl Talk, W-H-I-T-E, & plenty more! (6/3)

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    Greetings readers and viewers! Wow, it’s good to be back at (the hypothetical) Cluster 1 headquarters. As Media Specialist, sometimes it is required to go to the source and create some of that media ourselves. After a journey to Sasquatch! with our staff, I have returned from shooting videos to finding and posting them here for your viewing pleasure. So, it’s good to be back, but make sure you check out all our footage from Sasquatch! as well.

    Without further adieu…here’s what’s new.


    W-H-I-T-E – “Liquid Skull” – If you think the song title is cool, wait until you hear it and see the video; soothing overtones while old-school CGI plays of a body floating over the landscape (think Toonami’s Reboot).

    Original Series:

    No Cover Episode 1: Start Me Up – Our new “dramedy” series starring the Bay Area’s Trevor Marcotte and Kevin Waldvogel depicts the story of Randy and Marshall, two music obsessed buddies with a low budget, but a big appreciation of rocking. Watch as the two try to get their band lifted off the ground….if they don’t kill each other first.


    No Cover Episode 2: My Band – In this week’s episode, Randy decks out the garage and plots out the band’s strategy to reaching the top, but Marshall seems to have other plans.


    MUTO – In this wall-painted animation, you combine wonky photography with insanely trippy animation, as this painting slowly takes over the city streets.

    Pixels – 8-bit video game characters invade New York. I’ve always wanted to see what a game of Pacman would look like in Manhattan.



    Free Beats – 48 hours after Obama won the election, this guy went out and shared his beats with the world, only to get a plethora of interesting MCs, poets, musicians and children to get up and take the mic. Specialist’s Note: This video is amazing… watch.


    As chronic festival junkies,we’re always heading out into the festival market to see what’s new. Two weeks ago, our team journeyed down to Alabama’s Hangout Festival, and here’s who we spoke to:

    Girl Talk – The king (or queen) of mash-ups discusses why a DJ won’t open for him, the artists he’d like to see in mash-ups, and what the future holds.


    Portugal. The Man – The band talks about non-stop touring, their new album, and idea of a vacation.

    Dead Confederate – Hardy Morris chats about the logistics of playing a beach festival and their new album.

    Widespread Panic – The jam legends get deep in discussing the finer differences between festival and headlining sets, as well as the development of music in Athens, GA.

    Music Videos:


    Justice – “Civilization” – Buffalo stampede through humanity’s ancient monuments.

    Boxer Rebellion – “The Runner” – One whole day compressed into four minutes; watch as some girls come home from a party and experience the aftermath.

    Colourmusic – “Beard” – Zoomed in to a near-microscopic level

    The Get Up Kids – “Regent’s Court” – A young boy imagines what it’s like to kick it with Mikhail Gorbachev, and as a result, has an awesome day in his mind.


    Chad VanGaalen – “Peace on the Rise” – Remember when Beavis eats peyote in Do America? Mix that with the concept of space exploration and blue flames, then you will know what you are in for with “Peace on the Rise”.

    Jump into the Gospel – “Humvee Mansion” -Music synced up with an old-school animated version of The Pied Piper. It actually looks like the animation is singing along with the track at points.

    Short Films:

    Carrot vs. Ninja – A man sets out into the desert to find his opponent. Whether he is the carrot or the ninja is beyond me.


    Link to the Future – It’s Link (from Zelda) and Doc (from Back to the Future)….this is our youth compiled into one awesome fan film.

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