Today on Cluster 1: Shine 2009, Times New Viking, Backwards Beatles, Drunk History, Air Guitars and MORE! (6/10)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    Shine 2009 – “Graduation” – Trippy graphics you could have found on your Dell Demo in 1997.


    US Air Guitar – Kansas City’s take on a flash mob, rocking air guitars, the Scorpions, and just shredding life in the public eye.

    Music Videos:

    Times New Viking – “Try Harder” – Disjointed chords play as projections are displayed on suburban landscapes like houses and fences. Warhol would be proud.


    Three Trapped Tigers – “Noise Trade” – Origami animals are just trying to live their lives until a monstrous robot appears. Talk about a buzz kill.

    I Break Horses – “Hearts” – Scenery changes, but so does time.


    Neil Young – “Southern Pacific” – In this Cluster 1 exclusive, Young and his band hit the road back in 1984, and put on such a raw performance that some of it is missing.


    Neomorphus – A stop motion display of evolution, growth and mutation…and it’s fucking creepy.


    Drunk History Vol. 1: Hamilton vs. Burr – The story of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton…told in total Blacked-Out Drunkenese. Note Michael Cera’s appearance as Hamilton with a cell phone.

    Microwaving with Ben – “Instant Oatmeal” – A totally different kind of cooking show, like Rachel Ray…but shorter and more bearable.

    Stupor – One of the greatest short thrillers to come out recently; a man in a bath tub is unable to move as the water slowly rises…

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