Album Review: Fungi Girls – Some Easy Magic




Don’t let the ages of the Fungi Girls fool you into thinking they’re inexperienced. All under 21, these rockers have already left their suburban garage behind for nationwide attention. The Texan trio have previously released one full-length, numerous EP’s, and opened for Wavves and Hunx and His Punx. But, it’s with their latest full-length, Some Easy Magic, that Fungi Girls have really started to make some noise. It’s an album heavy in hazy, psychedelic rock, the kind of effort perfect to soundtrack a beachside adventure.

Some Easy Magic signals a change for the Fungi Girls. They’re trying to figure out what works for them. They’ve finally emulated the poppy beach nature they so admire, with an added dash of grit. Following the groovy instrumental opener, “Sabana Breeze”, the surf rock tone of the album is immediately palpable with “Honey Face”, a single featuring noisy, jangly guitar and percussion that precede a burst of wistful vocals. The threesome relies on repetition in both noise and vocals. Take once B-side single “Doldrums”, for example; the best of their groovy guitar licks are combined with shuffling percussion and vocals taking digs at their teenage boredom. “Lucie” is the standout single for their new psyched-out sound. Fuzzy, thick vocals accompany spaced-out guitar riffs before a closing of romantic ooh’s. However, at times the repetition and noise can just be lackluster, fading to background clutter, as heard on “Hevrole” or “Young Miss Flora”.

Altogether, though, Some Easy Magic marks a step in the right direction for the band. A group rooted in lo-fi nature, Fungi Girls have balanced the once sharp and at times overpowering noise from previous recordings. Better yet, they’re still so fragile and young in their career that if similar improvements such as these continue, only good things lie ahead.

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