Caged Animals – “Girls On Medication”

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    Ah, gummy bears. Known for their chewable, fruity deliciousness and Disney cartoon show, but decidedly not known for giving people laser eyes. Somehow, Vincent Cacchione of Caged Animals must have gotten himself an experimental variety of gummi in this mostly black-and-white video by Drew Norton. As “Girls On Medication” plays, Cacchione starts to blaze a trail of destruction with his death ray eyes, thanks to a gummi bear side-effect. He soon meets up with the rest of the band and introduces them to his new addiction.

    “Girls On Medication” is the introduction to the Brooklyn-based Caged Animals. A full-length is due later this year, but you can grab the remix single of this song on July 26th. It’ll include the Teenage Desert Mix found in the fan video below, which features none other than Lindsay Lohan.

    Directed by: Drew Norton

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