Check Out: Paul van Dyk remixes Moby’s “Lie Down In Darkness” (CoS Premiere)


moby lie down in the darkness Check Out: Paul van Dyk remixes Mobys Lie Down In Darkness (CoS Premiere)

Update: The full, 9-minute version of the remix will be available starting July 18th at Beat Port. Follow Moby on the site to see when it plus a handful of other remixes including Arno Cost, Gregor Tresher, and more go live.

“Lie Down In Darkness,” the second single off of Moby’s recent Destroyed, drops August 16th as a digital download bundle available only through iTunes. Included are remixes of the track by some masters of electronic and house music, such as Arno Cost, Bassjackers, and Rob da bank. CoS is giving you an exclusive first listen at one such remix from the venerable Paul van Dyk.

The track, which can be streamed below, is actually a radio edit of what promises to be a nine-plus minutes long number. In the 3:24 comprising this version, Paul van Dyk savors some of the melancholy of the original before meshing in some tribal drum beats and blasting off into prog trance stylings to get your sweaty dance party started. With lots of apexes and valleys, one can only imagine what surprises the full version has in store.

“Lie Down In Darkness” Single Bundle Tracklist:

01. Original mix
02. Arno Cost remix
03. Paul van Dyk remix
04. Bassjackers remix
05. Gregor Tresher remix
06. Rob da bank remix