Computer Magic – “Running”

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

Conceived just over a year ago in Brooklyn, Computer Magic is the glo-fi moniker of Danielle Johnson (aka Danz). To add a visual element to her newest single “Running”, Danz enlisted the help of director John McSwain. According to McSwain, “The story for ‘Running’ was one that I’d initially been considering as a short film or even as a short fiction story, originally about a man who falls in love with his alien abductor and waits endlessly to be abducted again so that he can return to his outer space love.” After hearing the single, McSwain adjusted the concept, focusing on an abduction obsessed child, and the lengths parents will go to help their children through times of turmoil. Plus, he included some pretty trippy visuals.

-Derek Staples

Directed by: John McSwain


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