Cosmo Jarvis – “Gay Pirates”

Some of the best songs in modern music are those with a social message. Many of the biggest rock and pop stars have their own cause and soapbox to shout their support for freedom of speech, animal rights, debt relief, equality and much more. Cosmo Jarvis has a decidedly smaller charity. He fights for equality in the workplace among homosexual pirates. In the music video for “Gay Pirates,” a stage show tells the story of two men in love on a pirate vessel. Sadly, this isn’t taken well by the rest of the male crew, who constantly abuse both our protagonist and his partner. Will these two find a happy ending on the seven seas?

Cosmo Jarvis has got two projects he’s been working on this year. The first is his second album, Is the World Strange or Am I Strange? which features “Gay Pirates.” The second is his first film, titled Naughty Room. It’s about responsible parenting and large amounts of improvisation. Both the record and movie are due out in the near future.

Directed by: Cosmo Jarvis


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