G-Side (feat. Victoria Tate & Kaylan Parham) – “How Far”

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    Obvious fact of the day: Photoshop is an amazing tool. While most people use it to touch up blurry concert photos and remove red eye, John Turner Jr. used it to create a whole new flow of reality. As G-Side, Victoria Tate, and Kaylan Parham rap and sing, the world is photoshopped from one setting to the next. Buildings bleed into each other. Faces are carved out of apartment windows. Artwork moves from its abstract nature to a concrete landscape. Most people wish they could use the program’s tools this good.

    “How Far” is from the currently available album, The One…Cohesive. Upcoming G-Side tour dates can be found below.

    Directed by: John Turner Jr.

    Upcoming Tour Dates:
    07/16 – Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Music Festival
    07/22 – Asheville, NC @ Hole In Da Wall
    07/23 – New York, NY @ Tammery Hall
    07/26 – Greensboro, NC @ TBA

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