Giveaway: Lollapalooza 2011 Tickets


Update: The contest is over! Congratulations to our winners, Meredith and Jessie! And thank you to all those who participated. We can’t thank you enough!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen… would you like to attend Chicago’s Lollapalooza? Are you interested in catching Foo Fighters’ triumphant set at Grant Park? Do you want to “lose yourself” to Eminem? Are you totally crushin’ on Jim James? Or, maybe you’re just dying to sweat a storm over at Perry’s Stage? All conceivable possibilities if you had tickets.

But, you don’t.

That’s why you’re reading this — right? Naturally. Don’t worry though, once again your pals at Consequence of Sound have you covered. Sort of. Actually, let’s just lay out all the facts, it’s just easier that way. Wouldn’t want to confuse anyone…

Fact #1: We have a pair of passes that can get you and a very, very special someone into Grant Park.

Fact #2: There can be only one winner.

Fact #3: This will require some work.

If you’ve come to terms with those facts, then here’s what you need to do next: Promote us. Yep, that’s all we ask. But, you need to get creative. Don’t just go and bookmark our page or tell your best friend. We’re talking “big picture” stuff. Create some flyers, design a commercial, get a CoS tattoo (well, maybe not), or plan an outing… The sky is the limit, so long as it’s a.) legal and b.) safe. We just need proof, so videotape or take a photo of whatever you’re doing and add it to the comments below. We’ll choose our favorite next Thursday, July 28th — so yeah, consider that the deadline.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll have some second and third place prizes, too. It’s chaos! And you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.

p.s. If you’re not “into this”, then you can always try and win passes at our Official Lollapalooza Pre-Party!

Front page photo courtesy of Lollapalooza on Facebook