Giveaway: Paul McCartney Graphic Art Contest


mccartney mccartney ii Giveaway: Paul McCartney Graphic Art Contest

Typically, summer belongs to the hearts and souls of every budding pair of romanticists. However, this summer belongs solely to Paul McCartney. In addition to a sizzling arena tour – which includes first-time stops at Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field – Macca also re-issued his first two solo albums, McCartney & McCartney II. Chock full of rarities and what have you, the two re-issues find the man alone with his thoughts, churning out some of his best material ever. Who hasn’t confused “Maybe I’m Amazed” for a Beatles track? Or what about the icy glaze of “Waterfalls”? Just great stuff.

If you feel the same way, and you’re sort of inspired to create something out of those feelings, then, hey, we got something for you! In collaboration with Talenthouse, Consequence of Sound is hosting submissions for a Paul McCartney-endorsed graphic art contest. So, if you’re “into that sort of thing”, then you might want to spin those two re-issues and conjure up some Fab imagery based on ’em. Because one artist will be chosen to receive global exposure by having their art featured not only on Macca’s website and social media channels, but exhibited in London’s incredibly fashionable Idea Generation Gallery. Oh, the former Beatle will sign a lithograph print, too. After all, he’ll be choosing the piece!

That’s not all, either. The winner will also receive:

— A deluxe set of McCartney and McCartney II albums

— A framed high quality lithograph of their winning entry signed by Paul McCartney

— A pair of tickets to an upcoming Paul McCartney concert of their choice (subject to availability and occurring within 12 months of winning announcement) and meet and greet (travel, accommodation and other costs at winner’s own expense)

— $1000 cash prize

— Adobe Creative Suite 5

    But it doesn’t fall on just one person. There will also be second and third prize winners, and the six highest voted submissions will receive albums and a share of a $600 prize pool.

    So, now are you interested?

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