Orlando Calling’s 2011 lineup due tomorrow, let’s discuss…


    Orlando Calling is the most intriguing music festival to surface in some time. Produced by Festival Republic, the same folks who launched the world-famous Reading and Leeds across the pond, the inaugural shindig promises 100 bands playing across four stages in Orlando’s sunny Citrus Bowl Park between November 11th and 13th. And, well, that’s really all we have to work with at the moment. Tomorrow, the festival is set to unveil its lineup and we’re still without any significant rumor. Add that to the fact that no one outside of the deprived Florida music scene seems to even know this thing exists. In a nutshell it’s a good ol’ fashion mystery, one which allows us to hold out hope that it’ll bring something unique to the country’s over-saturated festival scene. Keyword: hope.

    With the lineup reveal less than 24 hours away, we figured we’d open up this post for discussion. Who do you think will be there? Or, who do you hope will be there? Either/or, really.

    CoS reader Garamondo Hennepin already offered his educated prediction, which you can check out here. In his own words:

    I cross-referenced most of the major U.S. festivals — plus a few smaller but timely ones — to make an “educated” prediction. The main qualification is discounting any bands playing the other two festivals in Florida, Langerado and DeLuna; this probably will not be true wholesale, as I’m sure some will appear twice.

    He goes on to list headliners like Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Muse, and even the Pixies. Do you think he’s right? Or do you have your own lineup? Now is your time to shine…

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