Rhino UK to release The Smiths – Complete box set


smiths complete Rhino UK to release The Smiths   Complete box set

In an effort to bankrupt every fan of The Smiths, Rhino Records UK has put together the ultimate box set for completists, vinyl enthusiasts, and, well, any self-respecting music fan (via Slicing Up Eyeballs). Titled The Smiths – Complete, the forthcoming package features remastered editions of The Smiths’ eight albums, both on CD and 180-gram audiophile vinyl, in addition to all 25 of the group’s singles on individual 7″. They also decided to throw in some prints, a few posters, and a DVD of the group’s music videos. It’s all for you come October 3rd.

Here’s the catch, though. It’s limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide and it’s priced at – get ready for it – £249.99, which comes out to about $410 over here in the states. If that’s a little too steep for your budget, Rhino U.K. will also put out a limited edition vinyl box set, due out October 3rd as well, which features the eight albums on 180-gram vinyl, some liner-notes, and a poster. That goes for £149.99, or $245. There’s also a CD-only box set that arrives on September 26th and will only cost you £34.99, or about $57.

Need the specifics? Consult the list below. If you’re sold, place your orders over at Rhino UK.

The Smiths – Complete includes:

— All eight albums on CD featuring mini-LP replica packaging with gatefold card wallets

— All eight albums on 180-gram audiophile vinyl (five single LPs and three doubles)

— Twenty-five 7-inches featuring all of the band’s singles with “specially reproduced rarities”

— A 36-inch by 24-inch poster of all album and single cover artwork

— “The Complete Picture” DVD featuring all of the band’s music videos

— An eight-page, 12-inch booklet featuring “expanded liner notes”

— Eight-inch by 12-inch art prints of each album cover’s artwork

— Code to download band’s entire catalog as high-quality, 320kbps MP3 files