Today on Cluster 1: Aeroplane Pageant, G-Side & Pink Skull (7/11)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: Aeroplane Pageant, G Side & Pink Skull (7/11)


Aeroplane Pageant – “Help Me Shoot this Apple off My Head” – Shooting film on the beach can be difficult (not to mention dangerous for your lens) at times, but I don’t think it could get weirder than this.

Music Videos:

G-Side – “How Far” (ft. Victoria Tate and Kaylan Parham) – Still photos get a breath of life in them as G-Side’s cinematic tunes play along perfectly with the imagery.


Pink Skull Album Teaser – Pink Skull is back with the album, Psychic Welfare, and with all the fast, trippy imagery taking place, it’s clear that Pink Skull’s new album is on some whole other shit.


Coffee Time – Paper animation of a very radical coffee machine, doing what it does best.

Seedling – A very dark Don Bluthe-style animation about the adventures of a stray seed.

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