Today on Cluster 1: Björk, Of Montreal, New No Cover, Radical Dads, Vandave, and more! (7/6)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: Björk, Of Montreal, New No Cover, Radical Dads, Vandave, and more! (7/6)


Radical Dads – “New Age Dinosaurs” – The star of this video claims to want a girl who likes him for what’s on the outside, so therefore, he puts up the most ridiculous exterior possible.


No Cover Episode 7 – “Hey Joe” – David sets up their first audition…but there’s a catch. That catch is David’s loyalty to Joe, a former client who has what some call a “drinking problem.”


In Statu Nascendi – Apparently, it’s only half done, but it’s creepy as hell.

Chute (Fall) – Skydiving: one of the greatest adrenaline rushes most humans can ever experience, yet also one of the calmest.


The Gameleste – a custom instrument for BjörkWith Bjork’s new album around the way, we get a sneak peak at some of the custom instruments she got to use, and how they shaped her creativity.

Music Videos:

Vandaveer – “The Great Gray” – In a post-apocalyptic house, a man wanders through with a guitar and a gas mask. However, the title of this song compliments the video.

Team Ghost – “High Hopes” – I can’t tell if it’s slow-motion water, or computer animated bullets. You be the judge.  (It’s actually water at 7000 fps, for any interested parties).

Studio Killers – “Oder to the Bouncer” – Bouncers usually dictate how one’s night will go. In this case, the computer-animated girl has no problem proving otherwise.

Of Montreal – “L’Age D’Or” – A themed party based on mystical, psychedelic glory.

USF – “Close Your Eyes” – So many channels to choose from…yet nothing is on.

The Soft Moon – “Into the Depths” – A woman must brave the darkest and creepiest hallway in music video history.

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