Today on Cluster 1: Computer Magic, New No Cover, Sweatshop Union, Mr. Vast, Thurz, Braids, Lollapalooza, Wagons and Alexander (7/20)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Computer Magic – “Running” – The protagonist transcends between reality, time, and space, as Computer Magic’s beautiful singer, Danielle Johnson, lulls the character throughout their journey.


No Cover Episode 9 – “Moby Dick” – Marshall goes to see David, but ends up chatting up a storm with his secretary, Kelsey. Meanwhile, it seems Randy and Joe have found a drummer…

Music Videos:

Sweatshop Union – “ Makeshift Kingdom” – This “Makeshift Kingdom” looks like something out of The Icewind Dale trilogy, with skulls on staffs, lots of snow, and taking shelter in caves.

Mr. Vast – “Buttercide” – A very thorough and scientific test that deals with toast, jelly, tampons, and of course…butter.

Thurz – “Molotov Cocktail” – Lights flicker while Thurz spits his first rhymes, but once the lights are one, you can see him preparing the title beverage.

Wagons – “I Blew It” – Imprisoned men are set free, but watched very closely as they maneuver through death traps Saw-style.

Alexander – “Truth” – Our strange hero contemplates life and death while walking along the beach. (Note: This song closed out the brutal season premiere of Breaking Bad).


Braids Perform on Rock ton Paintball – A live rendition of the track “Plath Heart” in which they play in a run-down warehouse.


Lollapalooza Episode 1 – “Origins of a Name” – Perry Farrell and friends get nostalgic about how they named their festival which has dominated the music world for the past 20 years.


Sampled Room – By using everyday objects in your house to make sounds, you can achieve an amazing musical production.


Soulbot – If robots could extract our souls….

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