Today on Cluster 1: Priory, Cut Off Your Hands, Grimes, and more! (7/15)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: Priory, Cut Off Your Hands, Grimes, and more! (7/15)

Music Videos:

Priory – “Lady of Late” – Three parallel realities, one frontman, and a girl who decides his fate.

Cut Off Your Hands – “Fooling No One” – Newton’s Laws have been redefined for this video from New Zealand creative team, They.

Eclectic Method – “The Dark Side” – Joining the Dark Side of the force certainly has its benefits, as this video goes on to prove.

Grimes – “Beast Infection” – Constructing glass house models can be time consuming.


John – Scarred and scared, this short tells the story of a reclusive burn victim.

(notes on) Biology – Slacking off and doodling is a past time among people ages 12-28, but when your doodles get interrupted by the task at hand, you have a conundrum.


Back to Basics – Behind the Scenes – The story of how art duo Zim and Zou give paper and colors a whole new meaning.

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