Today on Cluster 1: The Drums, The Nocturnes, Cults, New No Cover, Vivian Girls, Foster the People, & plenty more! (7/27)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    The Nocturnes – “The Road” - Soft and peaceful music plays as double-exposed images give off a kaleidoscope effect that will make your eyes water.


    No Cover Episode 10 – “The Gang’s All Here” - It seems everything is falling into place for Randy and Marshall’s band….that is until David comes by with some shocking news.

    f e e d b a c k: Episode 11 – “Cults” – Our new partnership with Side B! This video takes a look at Cults, and how the Manhattan duo have risen to success over the past year, despite the lack of promotion and information.

    Microwaving with Ben – “S’Mores” - Ben’s back in the kitchen showing us how to microwave our favorite campfire treats.

    Music Videos:

    The Drums – “Money” – Brooklyn never seemed so…controversial.

    Vivian Girls – “Take it as it Comes” - The girls sing the song while chatting on the phone with one another like teenagers from 1986.

    Foster the People – “Helena Beat” - In a post-apocalyptic world, gangs rule society, only this time the ruling gang is made up of children.

    Slow Club – “Two Cousins” - Tap-dancing in slow-motion looks much easier than ordinary tap-dancing.


    OvertimeSeveral (what appears to be) Kermit the Frog type puppets play music and eat dinner together. It wouldn’t be so creepy if their eyes were not blank.

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