Today on Cluster 1: Wakarusa, New Life After Lesson Plans, Reptar, EAR PWR, and more shorts (7/1)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Life After Lesson Plans – Episode 9 – This time, we join MegaRan in Orlando, FL, as he and K-Murdock hit up Disney, more comic conventions, and radio stations for some in-depth chats.


Wakarusa 2011 – Conquering more festivals with Cluster 1…this time at Arkansas’s Wakarusa with the likes of My Morning Jacket and Thievery Corporation.


Android Birthday – Would robots be more humane if we celebrated the date of their creation? Only time will tell…


Chanel Dancing – A dancer/choreographer is thrown into an animated alternate universe.

Origins – We all search for a purpose in this old life…even robots. Join this paper robot as it searches high and low for its’ reason for existence.

Music Videos:

Ear PWR – “National Parks” – Back in the olden days, people were always naked…and this video emphasizes that in nature, that’s alright.

Reptar – “Blastoff” – The band pays homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show with two simple ingredients. The first being a big ol’ pair of suspended red lips, and the other just being off-the-wall, whacky and fucked up.

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