Check Out: thenewno2 feat. Regina Spektor – “Live a Lie”

thenewno2’s forthcoming EP002 will likely go down as the only release to ever feature guest spots from both GZA and Regina Spektor; that is, unless RZA lands the lead role in Spektor’s upcoming Broadway production. One can only hope.

Anyhow, following last week’s unveil of the RZA-featuring “Mr. President”, we can now hear the son of a Beatle (aka frontman Dhani Harrison) and Ms. Soviet Kitsch herself together on “Live a Lie”. It’s lacking in the dope verse department, but the song overflows with the sounds of a sweet sonic union.

Check out “Live a Lie”, followed by “Mr. President” once more, just above the tracklist. EP002 hits stores September 27th via HOT Records.

thenewno2 feat. Regina Spektor – “Live a Lie”

thenewno2 feat. RZA – “Mr. President”

EP002 Tracklist:
01. Wide Awake
02. Mr. President (feat. RZA, Crisis and Sir Eyes)
03. Live a Lie (feat. Regina Spektor)
04. Mr. President (pHd ‘One Nation’ Remix)


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