Cluster 1 HANGOUT: Pepper Rabbit

Cluster 1 Hangout is a video series where Consequence of Sound staffers chill with cool musicians, artists, and creative figures. Do something fun, something cool, talk about their craft, talk about life… you know whatever. Just hangin’ out. In this instance, CoSer Harley Brown met up with Pepper Rabbit in in Minneapolis and took them to The Midtown Global Market for some international delicacies. What else? Glad you asked. In a pinch, the only camera Harley could get a hold of was a classic camcorder – so BEHOLD, Pepper Rabbit in glorious VHS!

Pepper Rabbit’s new album, Red Velvet Snow Ball dropped yesterday. Check out our album review over at Consequence of Sound.

Camera and interview: Harley Brown
Edited by: Colin Peterson


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