Liam Gallagher sues Noel Gallagher for libel

The Gallagher brothers couldn’t agree while Oasis existed, so of course they can’t agree about the band’s spilt. Or, more specifically, how the band split, which took place back stage at Paris’ Rock en Seine festival in 2009. As Rolling Stone reports, Liam Gallagher is suing Noel over comments he made in the aftermath of the band’s breakup.

“I have taken legal action against Noel Gallagher for statements he made during the Electric Cinema press conference on July 6th during which he claimed Oasis pulled out of the 2009 V Festival Chelmsford gig because I had a hangover,” Liam said in a statement. “That is a lie and I want Oasis fans, and others who were at V, to know the truth.”

“Noel also falsely stated that the demise of Oasis followed a massive row in which he claimed I demanded to advertise my clothing range Pretty Green in the Oasis tour program. The truth is there was no such discussion or row between us. There are many reasons why Oasis split. But it had nothing to do with my clothing range.”

Liam added that the lawsuit is not about money. Rather, he’d like an apology. “I am used to being called all sort of things by Noel and I have in the past said things about him, but what Noel has alleged this time went way beyond rock-and-roll banter and questioned my professionalism.”

Sounds like the beginning of a great film script. We’ll keep you updated.

Oh, and just for kicks, here’s what it looked like in the moments immediately following their break-up.


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