Oupa – “Physical”

Somewhere, there’s a forest on fire.  Somewhere there’s a crossdresser making herself up for a night on the town.  Normally you wouldn’t combine the thought of a smoke-choked sky and burning trees with, wigs, makeup and florescent light… but today… you do.  Welcome to Oupa.

Oupa is Daniel Blumberg of Yuck’s solo project.  Well, then again, that’s not how he looks at it.  Via IM //UR: “It’s not (like a solo project). I mean, what I do in my life is make music and draw. That’s generally all I do. So I made some music and put it on an EP last year, and then that came out. And then I finished an album just before we started touring in January, so I’m going to put that out…I just wanna do that stuff. Make music. And then put it out.”

The album, entitled Forget, comes out in the UK and US August 15th/16th on cassette and digital formats.  A limited edition book of Daniel’s drawings made during the creation of Forget will be released the same day as the album.C


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