Today on Cluster 1: Battles, Amanda Palmer, Marissa Nadler, Pujol, Sweet Lights, Terry Gilliam (8/17)

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    Well, folks… back from the field and here again at Cluster 1. Outside Lands was quite a weekend, and we have some radical exclusive content coming your way in the form of interviews, live footage, and some more festival goodies. So, stay tuned, but for now, enjoy the past few day’s posts.


    Cluster 1 Interview with Chris Frantz (of the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club) – Our very own Cap Blackard sat down with Chris Frantz to talk a darker sound, more EPs, and a tour with the Psychedelic Furs.


    f e e d b a c k Episode 6 – “Battles” – One minute they have the strangest single of the year, the next they’re working with Gary Numan. Clearly, Battles are doing something right.



    Shaking Light (Vol. 2 Ep. 7): “Sweet Lights” – Sweet Lights, aka multi-instrumentalist Shai Halperin, records a thickly layered track over the course of 24 hours.


    The Birth – Birthed from boxes? Not so far from the real thing.

    Bad Things that Could Happen – The keyword in this title is “could.”


    Yowie and the Magpie – A dedicated hunter chases down a legendary creature that seems to be very dangerous.

    Storytime – Terry Gilliam made this in 1968, and it certainly looks like it. Not to mention, it is totally creepy.

    The Bone Orchard – Another 3D animation film done on the program Movie Storm; this film shows a conversation between two cowboys in a saloon.

    Music Videos:

    Amanda Palmer – “Oasis” – A dark-natured story is told over the most happy song and colorful music video.

    Yawn – “Acid” – Psychedelic and totally spacey… Syd Barrett would be so proud.

    The Wombats – “Techno Fan” – Apparently, the band developed software to make their creative vision come true.  While the band starts out as well-done illustrations, they slowly become full humans.

    Marissa Nadler – “Alabaster Queen” – An enchanting dancer puts on a display deep in the forest.

    Mandala – “Blue Darkening” – A tale of life and death in a beautiful forest.

    Pujol – “Too Safe” – Daniel Pujol certainly doesn’t play it safe hanging out with all these freaks of the Renaissance Fair.

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