Today on Cluster 1: Le Butcherettes, Scattered Trees, VHS or Beta & Oupa (8/12)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Cluster 1 HANGOUT with Le Butcherettes – Things “get wild” at Lollapalooza. No, really.


Rival Schools – Ever want to know where Quicksand’s alleged third studio LP went?

The Drums – They’re already thinking about a third LP. Yes, a third. Their second isn’t even out yet!

Music Videos:

Scattered Trees – “Sympathy” – Somber music plays as soldiers slowly walk through the forest. “Sympathy” is almost too perfect of a title.

VHS or Beta – “Breaking Bones” – The technological folks are back with their slick grooves, black-and-white photography, and glowing auras.

Oupa – “Forget” – The Yuck side project comes out with a very enchanting song, playing over fiery visuals that will certainly stir your emotions.


En Agosto – After two years of production, En Agosto is here for you to see. While it plays off post-apocalyptic landscapes like that of Eraserhead, the visuals of water rising around a city play out like the last half of Titanic.

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