Today on Cluster 1: Outside Lands Festival Guide, AM & Shawn Lee, and Loney dear (8/8)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


AM & Shawn Lee – “Dark into Light” – A video that makes you realize just how trippy headlights can be (without drugs).

Music Videos:

Loney dear – “Young Hearts” – The most simplistic music video in a long time… with animation of course.


Brace Yourselves for Outside Lands ‘11 – Outside Lands is this weekend in Golden Gate Park, and the cast of No Cover shows us all how to survive the wonderful city of San Francisco without getting swept up among the freaks.


Rad Raz: Raz Tronic – Rad Raz gets his Tron bike on.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese – According to Vimeo, this video took “a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches to make.” Basically, it’s a computer-animated short that combines gnarly graphics, dubstep, and a fantastic chase scene.

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