Today on Cluster 1: Pepper Rabbit, Sufjan Stevens, Kasey Anderson, Lira & Zambria (8/10)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Cluster 1 HANGOUT with Pepper Rabbit – Our Minneapolis correspondent Harley Brown takes Pepper Rabbit to the city’s Midtown Global Market, where the three discuss lunch, the band’s history, and the longevity of a name.

Music Videos:

Sufjan Stevens – “Get Real, Get Right” – Hand-cut animation. Quite impressive.

Kasey Anderson – “The Wrong Light” – A slow pan alongside a comic book-style image reveals that people are mutating into different creatures.

Lira – “Phakade” – How one woman sang and landed herself the love of her life.


Unpossible – A paranoid inventor keeps going back in time to protect his prized invention.


Zambria – Glossolalia – Surreal dancing, lights, and people screaming to promote Glossolalia, which drops on 11/8 on Kanine Records.

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