Toro y Moi – “How I Know”

Last time Toro y Moi dropped a video, it was for the danceable “New Beat“. Jordan Kim’s video for “How I Know” also has a light visual and audible feel, but the story itself takes a dark turn. Three male friends scope out a haunted house in search for adventure. They find more than they can handle though when they disturb two ghost girls. These spirits show off their creativity by coming up with wildly different methods for helping them cross over to the other side, whether the dudes want to or not.

Since you’ve just had enough time to digest his sophomore album Underneath the Pine, Toro y Moi has prepped the Freaking Out EP for release later this year. Two awesome, funky records by the same artist in one year. Sounds like a damn good deal!

Directed by: Jordan Kim
Produced by: Jonathan Montepare
Director of Photography: Chris Saul
Cast: Kyle Mooney, Daniel Franzese, Ashkahn Shahparnia, Bebe Zeva, Rebecca Coleman
Costume: Natalie Toren
Production Designer: Todd Fjelsted
Choreographer: Mecca Andrews


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